Creative endeavors are always more fun when undertaken with other like-minded friends and family! I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten people to agree to helping me grow and cultivate this space. Here’s a little more about them.

Savindi — Writer

Illustrated by Irene

Hi! I’m Savindi and I’m a contributor to The Peckish Thinker. I’m currently a Graduate student, experimenting with cooking a variety of dishes thanks to Mealkits and baking to satisfy my sweet tooth. I was raised between Sri Lanka and Canada, which means I’ve had the opportunity to experience a food culture rich in traditional flavours and fusion. Living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has meant I’ve been fortunate to try cuisines ranging from Indian to Tibetan and Ethopian. 

When I’m not in the Kitchen, I enjoy watching shows like Murder, She Wrote, Magic School Bus and Midnight Diner. 

Fun Fact: Lillian and I met through blogging 6 years ago and met in real life in 2017. 🙂

Irene — Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Illustrated by Lillian

Hello, Irene here! I’m currently a media studies major at UC Berkeley, and am proud to enjoy the following titles: baked good and boba enthusiast, dabbler in graphic design, and one of two sisters to the Peckish Thinker.

I experiment mostly with Adobe Illustrator and occasionally revisit classic pencil and paper when I feel inspired to sketch. If you love a good buffet and will stop at nothing for hot pot, we are friends.