Hi! I’m Lillian. Welcome to The Peckish Thinker.

Food is my happy place. It’s what I turn to when I need a break, a pick-me-up, or just an excuse to not think about anything else but filling my tummy with yumminess. But more than any of those things, food has been the single best way I connect with people. It’s no coincidence that much of the stories written here have a secondary theme about connection and making friends. In my experience, having a meal with someone often helps bridge gaps and, for the time being at least, makes it a little easier to communicate.

Born and raised in California to parents from Taiwan, I’ve grown up on a multicultural diet where both East Asian cuisines and classic American West Coast fare have prominently featured. My fusion palate is as much a reflection of my tastes as it is my personal identity. To me, food isn’t just a way to learn about and experience different cultures; it’s also a way of telling your own stories to people and sharing a piece of personal history with them.

No matter where you are in the world, food is a universal thing that brings people together in fascinating ways. Through The Peckish Thinker, I want to share my stories with you and in turn, hopefully inspire other people to share their stories too.