So Long, Farewell 2020

Holy guacamole, there’s only a few days left in this dumpster fire of a year and I’m just now trying to rediscover and reclaim my dormant blogging skills that have receded at quite an alarming rate this year.

Real reaction to me trying to remember what “blogging” is.

While 2020 has been challenging in a lot of unprecedented ways, I’ve realized once and for all that good eating and drinking really can make me feel better. Whether it’s cooking up a batch of tried-and-true classics, experimenting with new recipes, getting local takeout, or just eating to nourish my soul, all have played pivotal roles in helping me appreciate the simple joys of good food and forget the woes of reality (if only temporarily).

Aside from reveling in the magic of eating delicious things, one of the other few bright spots of this year for me has been getting engaged (eek!). It’s a truly surreal experience, basking in the afterglow of a milestone like this, while the world around you seems to continually implode and fall apart. I spent a bit of time feeling guilty about this, until my friends knocked some sense into me, insisting that this is exactly the kind of thing people need to tide them over until the pandemic starts receding. As one friend very touchingly put it, “It’s nice to know that there’s still some positivity and happiness happening in a world that’s gone very dark.”

Given that food and my engagement have brought deep joy into an otherwise bleak year full of turmoil, anxiety, and burnout, I thought it was only fitting to mash them together in a wedding tradition-themed food roundup series to close 2020 out in true foodie style. Here’s what’s on the docket for the next few days:

The “Something Olde” Roundup:

A selection of my favorite tried-and-true classics that have never steered me wrong and helped me find comfort when the world was getting to be too much to handle.

The “Something New” Roundup:

New-to-me recipes and dishes that I’ve tried this year and have deemed worthy enough to add to my regular repertoire of meals. (Look, I never said I wasn’t a snob.)

The “Something Borrowed” Roundup:

Recipes and dishes that I’ve adapted from other people, which include food bloggers, local restaurants, and friends and family. No guarantees on whether you’ll like my adaptations, but the original sources will be linked for reference whenever possible.

The “Something Blue” Roundup:

All the soul-nourishing items that helped tide me over in my deepest, bluest days this year. A word of caution: most, if not all the things listed aren’t likely to be good for you. At least not from a nutritional standpoint. But sometimes you just need something that feeds you emotionally, even if your waistline starts hating you.

I hope you’ll follow along with me in this roundup series and get you thinking about the delicious things that have given you a little more life this year. Wishing you all a safe, healthy holiday season. Let the good eating begin!