The Peckish Thinker: Always Thinking, Always Hungry

Today is the day! Today is when I can finally, officially welcome you to The Peckish Thinker, my brainchild that was born from long-simmering frustration with my old blog, lots of lazy weekends, and meandering thoughts in my bathroom. And of course, plenty of unnecessary snacks and boba tea drinks.

I’ve been blogging for a good while now— over 8 years on WordPress. Up until recently, I never gave it much thought or considered doing more with it. But eventually, I started growing restless and eventually came to the conclusion that I had outgrown my old blog. It was time to bid farewell and find something new; something more focused, yet would still allow me the creative space to dwell on and mull over things.

With The Peckish Thinker, I’m going back to basics and focusing on two things that I do most and love best: thinking and eating. As I was entertaining different ideas in my head for this new adventure, I realized how deeply the concepts of “thought” and “food” are intertwined and embedded in my personal identity. So what better way to do something new than by mashing the two together?

You might be thinking at this point, Cool, so this is gonna be a food blog, right?

Yes and no. Because while there will be plenty of food talk and geeking out over food, this is not going to be a place for dime-a-dozen resources like recipes, restaurant reviews, or perfectly-lighted food photos. There are a bajillion places online for those things, but this is not the place. I’m more interested in things like where recipes come from, why certain restaurants are so hyped, and how food often plays a part in people’s personal histories.

I come from a culture where food practically IS the culture, yet so many of us today live in a society where food is often used in ways OTHER than to nourish and feed. It’s an endlessly fascinating subject to me and one that I feel deserves to be talked about in a way that’s not high-end, high-production, or high-anything. I just want to share stories about how food has shaped and influenced my life, and learn about how it has for others as well.

I don’t know how this journey will unfold, but there’s only one way to find out— let’s jump in!